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Submitted on
July 25, 2010


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Commission Prices

Journal Entry: Sun Jul 25, 2010, 2:52 AM


:bulletred: PRICES CHANGED AS OF 2/11/10 :bulletred:


Elemental Wolf Commissions! Click the wolf thumbnail for more details!!
Earth Wolf by Vyntresser


As of right now, I'm making Momo sculptures, but I can and will branch out to make other things, just note me if you're interested!!
Momo Sculpture by Vyntresser

:bulletblue:For $25.00 USD : ($5 shipping) Shipping included in price*
ex. Pegasus by VyntresserLittle Secret by VyntresserFoz by VyntresserThe Lookout by Vyntresser
At this price, it will take me anywhere from 3-5 hours to finish your commission.

:bulletblue:For $50.00 USD : ($5 shipping) Shipping included in price*
ex. Na'vi Natives by VyntresserLittle Flower by VyntresserCan't Take It In by VyntresserKorra by VyntresserI'm Falling by Vyntresser
At this price, it will take me anywhere from 10-15 hours to finish your commission.

:bulletblue:For $75.00 USD : ($5 shipping) Shipping included in price*
ex. Zen by VyntresserWildFire by VyntresserSnow's Return by VyntresserCave In by Vyntresser
At this price, it will take me anywhere from 24-48 hours to finish your commission.

:bulletred::bulletred::bulletred::bulletred::bulletred::bulletred::bulletred::bulletred::bulletred::bulletred::bulletred::bulletred::bulletred::bulletred::bulletred::bulletred::bulletred::bulletred::bulletred::bulletred::bulletred::bulletred::bulletred::bulletred::bulletred::bulletred::bulletred:[Bullet; Red][Bullet; Red][Bullet; Red][Bullet; Red][Bullet; Red][Bullet; Red][Bullet; Red][Bullet; Red][Bullet; Red][Bullet; Red][Bullet; Red]
[Bullet; Blue] For $100.00 USD : ($5 shipping) Shipping included in price*
ex. Please Tell Me... by VyntresserIf You Dream It... by VyntresserTake Me Away From Here by Vyntresser
At this price, it will take me anywhere from 48 hours to a week to finish your commission (depending on the complexity).

* Shipping included in the commission price is limited to residents in America - any international shipping will cost extra depending on where you live.

[New] Prices CAN be negotiated between the standard $25, $50, $75 and $100 - I will not draw anything priced under $25 unless you would like an icon - Icons are $5 and animated icons are $10 [New]

[Bullet; Red][Bullet; Red] PAYMENT INFO. [Bullet; Red][Bullet; Red]

[Bullet; Red] If you want to commission me, you can email me at KristinaDrake91aol .com or note me in deviantART VyntresserDrake1991. Tell me what kind of commission you'd like to have and give me the reference sheets of your character(/s).
[Bullet; Red] Payment is through PAYPAL. I will not accept money in the mail.
[Bullet; Red] All money is to be paid in United States dollars (USD)
[Bullet; Red] No international money please. ( I live in America ) A Converter can be found HERE ->
[Bullet; Red] I will not give away/sell any original sketches, even if you beg or ask nicely - I'm sorry, I cherish my art greatly!

[Bullet; Red][Bullet; Red]SHIPPING AND PRINTING INFO.[Bullet; Red][Bullet; Red]
[Bullet; Red] If you would like your paid commission printed and shipped TO you, please specify!
[Bullet; Red] If you do NOT wish to have your paid commission printed and shipped to you, please specify; a small portion of your commission price will be removed. ( -$5.00 USD of the commission price )
[Bullet; Red] I print in all sizes - if you would like a size any bigger than 11x17in. it will cost you accordingly.
[Bullet; Red] I currently only print my prints on a glossy finish - very similar to photo paper.
[Bullet; Red] If you would like your commission printed, framed AND shipped to you, please be aware that this will cost you accordingly, on top of your flat commission price.
[Bullet; Red] Normal prints will arrive to you carefully packed and rolled in a long package tube.

[Bullet; Red][Bullet; Red] BASIC INFO. [Bullet; Red] [Bullet; Red]

[Bullet; Red]I WILL draw YAOI, YURI and HENTAI, but please be aware that I like to keep things tasteful.
[Bullet; Red]Your commission will be lightly watermarked with my signature and dA URL. It will not be negotiated to have it removed.
[Bullet; Red]I will draw nude art, but if you wish for your commission to be posted here on dA, your finished piece will be marked as 'mature content' ( I have young watchers! )
[Bullet; Red]Please nothing with racist themes, vulgar additude, or profanity because as I said above, I DO have young watchers :)
[Bullet; Red] If you would like to see my progress while I'm working on your commission, I can send you step by step pictures. It is ONLY then that you can ask to change somethings in the picture if you feel you'd like something a little different. After the picture is posted, I will be finished working on it. It will not be negotiated.
[Bullet; Red]When you note me, please be prepared to tell me basically exactly what you want the picture to look like; from the poses to the expressions and colours. Be sure to show me a clear reference of your character's design so I can get everything correct, because I can't read your mind =P


PLEASE CONTACT ME AND READ ALL OF MY POLICIES BEFORE BUYING! This is very important. As the artist, I appreciate a bit of time to gather my thoughts on the ideas and creativity you as a commissioner create for me to draw. In order for me to execute your piece correctly and thoroughly, ALL details of your commission MUST be sorted through between both of us before I prefer to receive payment. If you are lenient on time, however, and choose to pay me immediately BEFORE discussing the details of your commission, that is accepted.

[Bullet; Green] I will NOT begin drawing before I am paid. Once I am paid in full, I will begin on your commission(s).

[Bullet; Green] Do NOT commission me unless you are ready to tell me IMMEDIATELY if the artwork in question is gift-art to someone else etc. OR has to be completed at a certain date. Failure to explain such details (and or getting angry with me not completing your piece on time) will result in unfinished work and a %50 refund of your paid flat commission price.

[Bullet; Green] If you suggest your commission piece would fall between one of the given price options eg. $30.00 instead of the $50.00 option, please EMAIL me at OR Note me through deviantART and we will discuss prices. Once everything is sorted through, I will send you a personal money request email via paypal.

Sorry to stress my terms so much, but I take myself and my artwork seriously! I hope to make many customers, in the future, happy! [Hi!] Please don't be afraid to contact me with any questions you may have :)

[Bullet; Blue] COMMISSIONS I HAVE COMPLETED! [Bullet; Blue]
Snow's Return by VyntresserThe Lookout by VyntresserComfort of Our Home by VyntresserWhere the Grass Is Greener by VyntresserCherry Sunset by VyntresserFun In The Sun by VyntresserSnow Leopard WIP2 by VyntresserFoz by VyntresserTemari in Wonderland by VyntresserSnow Flyer by VyntresserLove and Peace by VyntresserFinal pose by VyntresserFemale ref. sheet by VyntresserMale ref. sheet by VyntresserThe Jealous Stare by VyntresserOrange by VyntresserOcean Fun by VyntresserDon't Forget by VyntresserHer Perch by VyntresserHell on Earth - commish by Vyntresser

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dragonhydra1221 Dec 24, 2010  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
WOW your great at art! Can you make a icon for :iconwolfash::icondragonhydra1221::iconbluedragonkid17:? For my best buds?

:iconwolfash: Zero, the orange wolf
:icondragonhydra1221: Faolan the red, black and brown wolf
:iconbluedragonkid17: The red or blue dragon, I prefer blue, but he likes the red more, so this is your choice.

How much points?
Looking foranother commission - Me ans Sara smooching either on the bridge (chaprer 12) or in the turbolft (chapter 11 - 20+) of my story. see [link] for details
Vyntresser Aug 21, 2010  Professional Digital Artist
If you are interested in commissioning me, please note me and we'll sort out the price details.
dragonboy690 Aug 17, 2010
ummm is point commisions open?
Vyntresser Aug 17, 2010  Professional Digital Artist
Yes, but I haven't set prices or anything. I welcome legit price offers :)
dragonboy690 Aug 17, 2010
well, i have 204 points i am able to spend =P
Vyntresser Aug 18, 2010  Professional Digital Artist
Well, 200 points is about $2.00 - the cheapest I will do commissions is at $20.00, or about 2,000 points. sorry :(
dragonboy690 Aug 18, 2010
-dies- =P
;.; I wish I could commission you. I loveee your art ^-^!
Vyntresser Jul 26, 2010  Professional Digital Artist
No worries :) Thank you!
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